Spencer Barnes - Lead Singer

Spencer Barnes grew up in Australia, where the jokes are dirtier and the flora and fauna are usually trying to kill you. Though he loved his home, he longed for the beconing horizon and...well, you know...all the cool stuff that might be on the other side.

As a result, when he left his mates and moved stateside as a young lad, he was excited, nervous and not sure what to expect.

It was upon arrival that he discovered something - in all of his travels there was one common theme. When it really matters, music is what people turn to to get them through, to make them feel good or just to pass the time.

With this in mind, he began to sing. In the shower at first, but that totally counts.

After this had gone on for a while, he met up with another young man on a mission to melt faces, yet another in search of his parents using a four-stringed guitar and a girl with a destiny that spelled awesome.

Fate cast her spell and while wishing to bring his singing to public view, it was the young man who melts faces that called Spencer out on stage for his first public performance with WD-HAN. He never looked back.